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The restaurant

The best of Skåne and the world

The Restaurant

We believe in doing things wholeheartedly and therefore our restaurant is (almost) always open. You can have anything from a never-ending breakfast with your loved ones, to a lunch with a business partner or a late night dinner with your friends.

We take great pride in the meaning of close to home and most of our produce is cultivated here in Skåne. Our wines are carefully selected the bartenders serve new takes on classic drinks – all made to enjoy in the bar or on our terrace. Don't forget to ask us about our little gems, we always have something special up our sleeves.

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We love events!

The DUXIANA is the perfect place for events, big or small!

Do you want to celebrate your birthday, a newly signed contract or a graduation? Or are you looking for a place to host a business meeting or a large event?

We would be more than happy to host you, whether you are looking for a family celebration or a large business happening.

Meeting options at The DUXIANA Contact us for an events booking